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An excellent truck tractor for ATS, modified by the famous modder Harven. Below is a large list of the improvements made.

Mod features
- The truck can be bought at level zero
- Spare parts prices are set as for SCS trucks,
- 9 engines (5 CVTs Cummins X15 and 4 variants of PACCAR MX-13) with real characteristics and sounds
- 13 gearboxes - 5 manual, 5 automatic and 3 automatic - all based on actual specifications,
- The shift lever inside the cab will change depending on the selected gearbox and display the correct gear arrangement for the selected manual (10th, 13th, 15th and 18th gears),
- 2 cab options - day cab and 76 '' sleeping compartment with middle roof,
- 5 chassis options - all 6x4 with different wheelbases and tank sizes,
- 5 interior options,
- 5 custom paint jobs and several predefined paint colors,
- The mod includes a small custom pack of lights,
- CB radio (Cobra 29 LX) with loose cord;)
- The truck is available in orders (also for heavy and oversized cargo),
- Support for SiSL Mega Pack and SCI steering wheels (separate mods),
- Support for advanced hitch,
- Support for cables,
- Precise shadows and collisions
- Test on version 1.40.x

Changes from Harven:
- Optimized models;
- All new textures and materials (not a single texture from the old mod remained);
- Removed all definitions (accessories, cabins, interiors, chassis, engines, transmissions, sounds, etc.) and made new ones;
- Removed all sounds and built new mx15 and mx13;
- Removed animated doors;
- Redesigned all internal animation and added several new ones;
- Changed the scale of the cabin to match the exterior;
- The interior has been displaced in accordance with the exterior 1: 1;
- Removed high roof with sleeping bag - there is no such option for w990 and looks ridiculous;
- Combining models of day cabins and berths into one model with options;
- Combined chassis models into one model with options;
- Combining internal models of day cab and berths into a single model with options;
- Replaced rear suspension and axle models;
- Replaced the model of the rear lights;
- Replaced the rear full fenders with custom ones;
- Replaced engine and front suspension models with low-quality models from w900;
- Added 5 new skins - old ones were removed due to a change in the scan;
- Sleeper cab extensions are made as a separate accessory;
- Changed the shape of the rear of the sleeping roof so that it has a rounded edge / corners;
- Made the cockpit panels as a separate accessory;
- Fixed model of the interior from the exterior;
- Changed the size of the inner sleeping windows in accordance with the outer model;
- Added curtains and lamp models to the interior of the bed;
- Completely redesigned day cab, inner rear wall and roof (from T680);
- Added kenguryatnik;
- Added 2 sun visors from T680 and added slots for lights;
- Replaced the front bumpers with low-quality front bumpers w900;
- Added light slots for the front bumpers;
- Added a pack of lights;
- Redesigned exhaust pipe for day cab;
- Redesigned sleeping bag exhaust pipes;
- Removed all chassis options and made new ones with different wheelbases.

Authors of the original truck: Franсk Peru, Yekko Yek
Quality sound made by: Kriechbaum
Editing, Skinsing and Painting: Harven

Credits: -


Download29.2 MB

TAGS:HARVEN, V1.2.5, edited, W990, Kenworth