[ATS] Kenworth W990 + Interior Edited by Harven v1.2.5 [1.40]
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Changelog v1.2.5 Update for 1.40 This is Harven's edition of Frank Peru's w990. The mod was supposed to be just a fix for his mod but at some point I decided to do a complete overhaul. I removed everything (materials, textures, definitions, sounds, paintjobs - everything :)) from the mod and started with plain meshes. I did a lot of optimizing at this stage so the truck should not slow down the game too much ;). Lots of details which were in meshes is now in normal maps. I also replaced some models with lower-tris-count custom made ones. Since I made all the def files from scratch and also changed some locators and added new ones, you need to sell the old w990 before you activate this mod. Harven - this edit, paintjobs Frank Peru, Yekko Yek - original mod Kriechbaum - awesome sounds! Piva - dashboard computer 3D Molier - original model

Credits: Harven


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