Real Company Logo 3D V1.2 (updated)
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V1.2 (updated): – Change Pedro models to Petro – Add the missing Love’s sign on the Love’s model of the game – Add every trailer skins into the trailer selection menu – Edit some trailer skins to make them more realistic This is a mod that I’ve decide to start to add more realism into the game by adding Real Company Logo in 3D! I have saw those screenshots by faelandaea two years ago & want to incorporated them into the game so I’ve decide to make it a reality! Here’s the project of faelandaea: viewtopic.php?f=193&t=200534 COMPANIES CHANGES: 42 Print: Staples ABQ Cargo: UPS Bitumen: Kiewit Buchnell Farms: Cascadian Farm Organic Charged: Best Buy Chemso: Chevron (by satan19990) Coastline Mining: BHP Billiton Dugheou Uzaeu: E&J Gallow Winery Eddy’s: Walgreens Galon Oil: Texaco (by satan19990) Global Mills: General Mills Machinery Service: Caterpillar (CAT) Oakland Port: Port Of Oakland Plaster & Sons: Centex Rail Export: BNSF Sell Goods: Fedex (by satan19990) Sunshine Crops: Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Tidbit: Whole Foods Market Voltison Motors: Tesla (by satan19990) Wallbert: Walmart INSTALLATION Put this mod in the mod priority list above other trailer skins mods! Credits: P16, satan19990 & Pedro Martins

Credits: P16, satan19990 & Pedro Martins


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