Real Company Logo 3D -Revival- v1.7.4 [1.39.x]
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Welcome fellow truckers, Since P16 left his his project of the Real Company Logo 3D. I have decided to help bring his wonderful company mod back and keep alive. As I know many of you loved his mod as much as i did. I have picked up where he left off and started adding new things to help make it feel more realistic. the list of changes made : cofibreak = starbucks dircks = kfc & box van traffic dream_burger = burger king & box van traffic donut_planet = dunkin donuts pizzahouse = pizza hut taco_kingdom = taco bell waffltopia = waffle house iflop = ihop demuro = ford drake = chevrolet ufo burger = mcdonalds usbb factory : Pepsi (3D models) vitas power : Vestas Power (3D models) Upated company defs to 1.38 standards Added HollyWood Sign {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin} Added mutt_578d to cat_785c {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin} Added constuction vehichle textures {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin} Added train logos {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin} Prefab service & vineyards {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin} Some textures from ATS Real Logo {Keeper} Changed abq_cargo entrance sign to UPS Cargo Center (3D models) Changed Avalanche Steel : Schnitzer Steel (3D models) building_sign_01 TODO Busnell Farms bushnell_farms_wall_plane (3D models) TODO Changed Farmers Barn to Tractor Supply Co (3D models) Changed Fish Tail Fooda to Trident Seafoods (3D models) Added General Mill to arrows & billboard (3D models) Changed Haddock Shipyard to Vigor (3D models) Changed Heartwood Furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries (3D models) Added missing Home Depot (3D models) Changed Olthons Homes to D.R. Horton (3D models) Changed Page & Price Paper to Georgia Pacific (3D models) Changed Phoenix Freight to Phoenix Sky Harbor (3D models) Changed Sea Horizon to Horizon Yacht (3D models) TODO Changed Steeler to Evraz (3D models)

Credits: P16, satan19990, Chief86


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