SpinTires MTZ 1221 Tractor Off-road Test

4 Andrey 08.02.2017 SpinTires

Belarus-1221 - Model wheeled tractors produced by the Minsk Tractor Plant.
Belarus-1221 - universal tractors, which can also be used in forestry and municipal services, in building and industry.

It has:
-9 + Addons its default
-Custom load
-Custom sound
-type of the cab

Developer website - http://spintires.com
Website mods - http://modsgaming.ru
Group of fans facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/spin.tires/
Group of fans VK Spin Tires - https://vk.com/spin_tires_game
Download MTZ 1221 Tractor - http://modsgaming.ru/load/tekhnika/cars_spin_tires_2014/spintires_skachat_mod_traktor_mtz_1221_2/73-1-0-7603
Author mod - FURKAT

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