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SCAR is an assault rifle used by special detachments of different countries. It is equipped with two types of caliber 5.56 and 7.62.

There may be bugs with damage, you need to play with the damage settings slider.

Many features of the rifle, as in other mods by the author of Tesseractahedron. Various options allow you to use different types of barrels, sights and additional equipment in the form of flashlights, laser sights and grips.


PCM and LCM - sight and shooting, respectively;
R - store change;
X - Melee weapon strike;
Q and E - support when shooting;
T - shows the menu of additional attachments;
B - Side mount;
G - check the rifle, H - check the magazine;
 C - switching to a grenade launcher;
Z - switching to a thermal sight;
Mouse wheel and drag weapons to the settings menu.

Credits: Tesseractahedron


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