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Last updated: 09.11.23.
Reason: The mod has been updated to version 08.11.23

A new system with adjustable performance levels! With even less delay️ Shock waves, huge cinematic fireballs, flamethrowers, bunker explosions, safe and legal actions! Drop remote-detonated bombs (B) and detonate them (X). Launch a bunker-busting rocket that bursts into the target and tears it apart (LMB), or incinerate it with a flamethrower (RMB). Not dangerous enough? Press (M) and the explosion will happen in an unexpected place! Check the options in the game (O), and since you asked for it, RAINBOW MODE.

But the lags are still there, I hear what you're saying.

Go to the in-game options (O) and set the privacy level appropriate for your system. You can also try to reduce the physical destruction modifier for the weapon. There will still be a lot of fire and burning, but there will be fewer holes in the walls.

Do you want your own Smerp ragdolls?

If you need funny little ragdolls that can be vaporized, can I recommend my Smerp Spawner mod to you? They're screaming! You can automatically fill the entire map with them!

Credits: quarkhopper


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