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After installing the Omnicutter mod, you will no longer want to use other similar weapons such as a cutter, katana, laser, sword or similar, because this is an ideal cutting tool.

In terms of cutting quality, flexibility and strength, the Omnicutter mod is the best for today. It perfectly cuts any surface in Teardown and perfectly listens to the behavior of the mouse wherever you lead.

After you have cut out a piece, you need to use an additional mini-gun to move these objects.


M - selection of cutter parameters;
H - remove the options menu;
LKM - cutter;
PCM - a mini-pistol is used to capture cut objects;
Holding the PCM and pressing E - throw away the held object;
Removing the PCM and pressing Q - throws back the captured object;
Mouse wheel - cancels some actions.

Credits: stringie


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