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The BHL-X42 tool will allow you to create black holes that will grow and absorb everything in their path.



Teardown Weapon
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After installing the Omnicutter mod, you will no longer want to use other similar weapons such as a cutter, katana, laser, sword or simil...

Teardown Weapon
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SCAR is an assault rifle used by special detachments of different countries. It is equipped with two types of caliber 5.56 and 7.62.

Teardown Weapon
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Jericho is a small portable short-range weapon with a great destructive effect. It resembles a rocket launcher from the movie "Iron ...

Teardown Weapon
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The mod adds a new type of weapon - spears that can be thrown. Spears are capable of piercing brick and concrete walls. In the future, th...

Teardown Weapon
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Hyper Arc Cutter – perfect cutting thanks to the new improved cutter. It is versatile and begins to cut a neat arc at the click of ...

Teardown Weapon
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An improved version of the Halo Battle Rifle made using the obj model parser.

The rifle itself is made of a frame due to the lack...

Teardown Weapon
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Hungry Games or hungry slugs, they will eat the entire object at which you shoot them. They destroy everything without a trace until they...

Teardown Weapon
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An updated version of the laser weapon from Quilez Security in portable form. Version 1.1.

Fixed working with the beam, can work ...

Teardown Weapon
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Mod for [V.0.9.2]

This mod will improve your gun by making it a powerful weapon. The middle mouse button allows you to select the...

Teardown Weapon
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