Teardown Touring Cars
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Touring Cars is a special type of racing that is very popular in the UK and several European countries. The game mode is also available in Teardown. It's made very cool and entertaining when you turn on the mode.

The mod has several race tracks with a choice of different cars. There are aggressive cars, there are ordinary cars, but they are all set to win. During the races, you can get damaged or destroy objects on the track, but this does not happen as much as on normal maps. At the bottom of the game screen, the car's life slider is shown and if it reaches the minimum mark, the car stops driving.

Each stage of the race on the Touring Cars map is a battle of different racers with non-standard and aggressive behavior. Find a mode with cars from Formula 1 or choose a rally car, try to get to the finish line first and get access to secret cars.

Modes of fashion of tourist cars:

BlueTide Ring is a racing track created by the corporation of the same name, there are fast straights and sharp turns.
Skogs Entrada is a steep track for many, there are dangerous turns and sections of the track for acceleration.
Mori Sawa is a highway built on the old military base of Lokelle. Suitable for rallycross. Lots of jumps and turns, lingering mud spots. A great place to test your strength on rally cars.
Norrbotten Hills Raceway is a quarter-mile-style track where you need to quickly get to the finish line first and not become a participant in the collisions that often occur at this kind of races.

Credits: elboydo


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