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A mortar is usually a simple, lightweight, human-portable muzzle-loading weapon consisting of a smoothbore (although some models use a rifled barrel) metal tube mounted on a base plate (to reduce recoil), with an easy attachment on bipods and a sight. Mortars launch explosive shells (technically called bombs)[1] along ballistic trajectories with a large arc.

Mortars are usually used as indirect fire weapons for direct fire support with various ammunition.

- Wikipedia


Mortar (tilt angle can be adjusted / continuous)

3 types of shells (HE TABS/ Smoke / Vanilla HE)

3 types of range (short/ medium/ long range)

Propy: A tool for recharging

Read it

You must click on the LMB after you launch the mortar (only on the HE tab).

If you do not do this, the projectile will not explode.

(The reason is that there is a problem with the gap) The smoke projectile does not work well on the windy map.

I recommend using the [Advanced Weathers] mod to eliminate wind.

The projectile has invisible voxes, so it's bigger than you see.

If you fire a mortar too fast, the shells can explode in the air because they collide with each other.

Some projectiles may not detonate The range of the mortar begins to decrease at a firing angle of 70 degrees Sometimes the vanilla projectile does not work on the base map

Credits: Okidoki


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