Lava Bucket
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At first I thought to abandon this mod because it didn't turn out the way I wanted, but then I decided that people could still have a little fun with it.

LMB(Hold) - spawns lava, and after spawning it, you can click around to change the position of the lava spawner while it is active.
PCM- removes the lava spawner and stops the creation of lava spheres.
PCM+ LCM- removal of lava spheres
R - Lavasphere Life: - The lifetime of each individual lava sphere
G - Lava Color: - Change the color of lava (red, blue, purple)
C - LavaParticleLifetime: - the lifetime of the particles that each sphere of lava has
^^^ IF YOU USE THIS MOD WITH A SCREEN RECORDER, then change the particle lifetime to 0.375 or 0.5, the less the better for performance, because the screen recorder causes slow motion, and slow motion causes particles in mass, which causes lag.
and you will reach the limit of particles in the engine faster.
X is the amount of lava: - the number of lava spheres generated in 0.16 ms.
Z - LavaSpawner Life: - the lifetime of the lava spawner

I also do not recommend using this parameter in "sunny" weather, because it worsens the appearance of in-game particles, so night/dawn weather works best

Also, I know that lava sometimes tries to climb walls, but fixing this leads to a problem where vehicles completely block the lava flow because the vehicles have parts made of indestructible material

Credits: GalaxyPizza


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