Grand Tear Auto
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Reason: The mod has been updated to version 05.01.24

Get ready to embark on an unsurpassed urban rampage in Grand Tear Auto. This mod takes Teardown to a new level, turning it into a sandbox with an open world, traffic and a search system. You can freely wreak havoc, explore and create mayhem in a dynamic urban environment reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.


Search system: Take on your inner look of an apostate, but beware of the consequences. Realistic police cars, helicopters and officers react quickly to criminal activities. Arrange a grand chase or develop a clever strategy to evade the relentless police.
Traffic system: The streets of the city have turned into a busy network, cars move along fixed routes.
Dynamic Pedestrians: Although the NPC population consists mainly of pedestrians walking aimlessly and waiting, their presence gives the city an additional atmosphere.
Pure Sandbox: Grand Tear Auto is about freedom and creativity. There are no missions here that could tie you to a place; instead, you are in full control of the sandbox environment. Shape the city as you see fit, engage in chaotic battles and create your own storyline in this open-ended urban adventure.

Credits: tislericsm


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