Advanced Weathers
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The guy who is struggling to choose a name for himself is introducing you this time: Advanced Weathers mod


- Editing weather parameters on the fly

- Day and night change with adjustable speed and time

- Return to the original weather on the map you are playing on

- Save the weather to a save file and upload it to another location

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A mega lighting package created by Mafia that contains several beautiful unique weather patterns for use by cartographers

Random notes: The mod cannot start after a fast download due to a game bug that the developers were trying to fix right now. At the moment, the mod will be disabled during fast loading to prevent an error message from appearing, a notification will be sent when you click on the button, there is little I can do other than Typing text can sometimes be a little funny, feel free to express them in the comments, I will try to fix it, but most of the work I do I did it for someone else, so I can't promise anything...

Credits: Please Pick a Name


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