Mors Longa
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Last update: 009.06.24.
Reason: The mod has been updated to version 06/8.24

The country of Alashia, which is heavily influenced by America in the Middle East, has been closed due to a deadly virus that causes paranoia. The civilian population is outraged and is trying to flee the country, but the Government of Alashia has closed the inner cities and rural areas, making it almost impossible to leave. Rebels and anarchists rose up. The population is furious, everyone is trying to leave Alashia. The AAF forces have been given the green light to destroy anyone who tries to escape through the country's vast highways using deadly force. 


Since the highways are endless and you literally won't be able to finish the game (this may change in the future), your task will be to survive as long as possible while continuing to move forward, finding food and fuel to keep moving. Search abandoned roadside buildings in search of loot, optimize inventory storage and act carefully, as a bullet hit can lead to bleeding and broken bones. And finally, kill all those who wish you harm.

Required: Armed Vehicles Framework (AVF)

Credits: Offensive.PDF


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