Bright Valley Correctional Center
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Bright Valley Correctional Center is a maximum security prison operated by the Department of Corrections. Located in an undisclosed location, this institution is known for its strict security measures and concern for public peace. Bright Valley, which is one of the most reliable correctional institutions in the region, houses people convicted of serious crimes and posing a significant danger to society.

The institution has several cell blocks, each of which is equipped with a modern video surveillance system and reinforced doors. In addition, the perimeter of the prison is reinforced with a high fence and strategically located watchtowers to prevent unauthorized access.

Camera Blocks:
Block A/B - the maximum level of security for persons who have committed violent/serious crimes
Block C - for general mode
Dorm A/B - dorm
The Segregation unit is a single cell. Prisoners are placed here to be punished for crimes committed in prison.
The Supermax block is for particularly dangerous persons with a high risk of escape. The prisoners are here 23 hours a day.
Block for convicts - death row

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