Brick Gothic
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Last update: 13.06.24.
Reason: The mod has been updated to version 11.06.24

A brick church of ridiculous size.

Mostly empty. Most of the time I work on additional parts of the building. Except when this job upsets me too much, I build new furniture.

After I finish the apse (probably a few more weeks before that), I will add a mission.

Missing content includes:

- furniture (altars, attics, organs, benches, graves, epitaphs, ship models, ...)
- frescoes (including danse macabre)
- choir with octagonal apse, ambulatory and radiating chapels (if it sounds complicated: and there is. this is definitely the hardest part)
- transept
- a ridge tower and one or two western towers with bells
- external landscape (patrician houses, depots, town hall and port)
- creatures (for example, a preaching pastor or pooping pidgins)
- a robbery or two

Content that probably won't appear due to technical limitations:

- stained glass windows (colored glass does not actually shade the light)
- astronomical clock (there seems to be no way to request wall time)

Credits: Neutronenpower


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