Creeper Facility is an interesting and fun map to play. There are mobs and various items from the Minecraft game.

The author of t...

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Hanford Site is a place where nuclear waste is sent from all over America. According to the author's idea, the map was supposed to tu...

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The BHL-X42 tool will allow you to create black holes that will grow and absorb everything in their path.



Teardown Weapon
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The Complete Minecraft Tools mod will replace the standard Teardown tools with tools from the minecraft game. Pack from different authors...

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Universal Door Latch Framework is a mod required for the correct operation of modified Teardown cards. If installed on a regular card, it...

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YLVF will allow you to expand the possibilities of transport settings in the Shutdown, as well as use it on some custom maps that require...

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The 1F is a destroyed nuclear power plant made according to the Fukushima Daiichi NPP type. It was damaged after a tsunami, and subsequen...

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The Level Menu mod allows you to go to the mission or sandbox level selection menu during the game, which is currently available in the g...

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Mark I is a heavy tank made by the British during World War 1. History lovers will really like the mod for its high-quality execution.

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Tiger 131 - completely made according to the original, is a heavy German tank of the 2nd World War.

There is nothing on the map e...

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