PAK "V.O.V 1941-1945" (ARMOR) V03.03.16
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Mod PAK "V.O.V 1941-1945" (ARMOR) for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

Armored vehicles of the Second World War.

In the pack there are three units of military equipment, damage points are added, trailers for cargo are added. All have glasses repair, garage opening, fuel supply. Added / embedded mode "change of tree physics" (by RAMAXA) is much easier to break trees - this mod will work with any technique and this pack will be installed on any map.

1) M3 Scout
(Author: yarik 12345, Features lukasz98)
It was transferred to the allies: for the army of Great Britain, Canada, the USSR ...
Has 2 of its add-on, first-person view. Changes: replaced texture (its own) pertexture and the gun. Slightly changed management. Removed unnecessary files.

2) Light tank Mk.VII "Tetrarch" (Author: Leg Gen) British light airborne tank of the Second World War.

It has:
6 of its addons and 3 default.
Animation tower.
Imitation of gusli.

3). Sd.Kfz.234 Puma. (Author: woodingot) German heavy armored car of World War II.

It has:
- 4 of its addon
- 2 types of wheels
- own sound
- animation of the antenna, rotation of the tower
Change: Added hitch (default)

And the main feature of fashion. A pack / mod is more suitable for maps on the same topic + objects (no maps yet). Since third-party sounds are tied to the machines (distant sounds, explosions, airplanes ...). Sounds are connected after start / ignition in 10-20 seconds. In cars, these sounds are different (ignition is not often used, we want more often, we start ...). Do not bomb, sounds a little distant.

You can use the pack according to your imagination and on ordinary maps of medium difficulty and without modern objects in conjunction with these packs (Mod Avtopak "VO 1941-1945" 1, 2, 3)

The meaning of third-party sounds - more real impressions of the game ... Hot rear, German tank trophy (can load and load ...)

Credits: iberi


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