Tatra 148 version 1.2 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Tatra 148 version 1.2 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

Mod Changes:
One truck left (there were three).
Texture changes;
Removed their add-ons, added default and third-party add-ons (16 default, added 6);
All added add-ons are downloaded from the site.
2 points were added to the dump truck and semi-trailer with blocks, it became 4/6 points (cargo weight was added).
Thanks to the authors of the mods / add-ons used.
The archive additionally cherry painting (put after the mod if desired).

Update version 1.2:
Added a crane (4 garage points), taken from here.
Reworked weight, suspension (landing above), control;
Slight texture changes, the main color is green (yellow removed);
In the archive, in the file folder, the tatra on wheels of Kraz (landing even higher), a little more power.

Credits: вольный


Dowload83.9 MB

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