MAZ-6317 V03.03.16
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Mod MAZ-6317 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

Machine from Artem Mohir (Darius). Laid out just for the addons of the mud, which here still did not seem to see. Interesting dissolution and cargo. Gathered for a ride, maybe someone else will come in handy. Rushing like a tank, do not stop). A load of pines (trees) can cause damage if it hits the ground hard, I did not try to do something with it, it is even more interesting. The game is not affected. I went through more than one card with this cargo. It has 9 addons, transports 4 and 6 points of cargo.

Credits: Полиграф Шариков


Dowload66.0 MB

TAGS:V03.03.16, -6317, MAZ