Maz 505 from DLC Chernobyl version 2.2 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Maz 505 from DLC Chernobyl version 2.2 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

Powered by SpinTires (v03.03.16)

Model + native addons
Textures maz 505 + texture addon
Sounds Maz 505
Billboard Maz 505

No additions or changes have been made. Just cut a truck for those who want to drive it WITHOUT acquiring a DLC.

P.S. The rest in the DLC, kmk, is quite so-so. Chip with pulling a stalker, kmk, a completely unfortunate idea. In the new DLCs, the overall tone of the graphics is reduced to a dull gray offs. Good bright and beautiful cards, for example from the old author no107064, look bad.

Version 2.2 update:

1. Now 2 cars that are different from each other, each designed for specific purposes.
a) 505 simple - more ordinary, but also not bad to cope with tasks.
b) 505Y - This one is more passable, more powerful, but slower. There is an addon from MAZ 7310, but it has been redesigned according to the parameters for this model. You will see in the game. the taillight with the correct lighting also shines.
2. The texture is slightly changed; the logo is changed; separately, another option is attached to the folder, just shift it to the Media folder.
3. There are own and standard add-ons, own 4, standard 15.
4. Added lighting, running lights, and instrument lighting.
5. Each model has its own wheels, 505 has 5 types, 505Y has 2 types.
6. Changed driving performance and suspension settings.
7. Attached are 2 motors for each model, 1 standard, 2 more powerful and optimized.

The author of these changes and additions: aleks nevz

Credits: temps256


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