MAN TGA 264.840 V3 V03.03.16
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Mod MAN TGA 264.840 V3 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

The mod has animation gimbal and cockpit.
1) modified suspension
2) changed the weight of the machine
3) changed the texture to blue. Author texture Tosha-70rus but with my revision.
4) added and removed addons. Addons Authors: Master Shadow and Nikolai Dumka
5) remove excess wheels; left only highway, with chains, and spike.
6) changed the texture and buttons tidy in the cabin. Became more clearly.
7) add-ons will be added as time progresses.
8) did Russification addons

I am a beginner model, do not judge strictly.
The mod has 3 add-ons and 4 pairs of wheels.
Nothing replaces.

Credits: EGOR111


Dowload65.6 MB

TAGS:.840, TGA, Man, 264, V3, V03.03.16