KAMAZ-5511 6X4 V1.1 V03.03.16
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Mod KAMAZ-5511 6X4 V1.1 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

There is an animation of the steering wheel, cab, suspension, frame, cardan, addons and mudguards.
There are 19 of its addons + 3 standard and 7 types of wheels.
Permeability is average.
You can carry stones and logs.

Model and textures: Alexander Burov, Bohemia, ronnie, JAWA, unknown.
Addons: ronnie, Pavel Zagrebelny, unknown, SCS Software, USSR.
Wheels: Pavel Zagrebelny, ronnie, Maxim Pioneer, JAWA, unknown.

Alteration: WEST SIDE
Here's something on the "KAMAZ" pulled decided to redo a little:
Turn the wheels on 17 was 18 well, or whatever ...
Removed drove :)
I made the count of a top tank as in real life!
Well, everything seems to be ...

Credits: unknown


Dowload91.3 MB

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