MAP “NEW WORK” V03.03.16
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Mod MAP “NEW WORK” for Spintires V03.03.16

In this next job, you have to use the Auto Crane to load and bring concrete slabs from the Port and the Railway Station to an unfinished bridge. It is necessary for the Truck Crane to restore the passage with the help of concrete slabs, and only then it will turn out to be loaded with forest (near the gas station) and deliver it through the bridge to the port (sawmill).

Loading plates in the garage speeds up the repair process of the bridge, but reduces the interest in passing the map. The map uses the mods of other authors, I don’t remember who exactly. The first Kamaz (43118) you need to choose yourself, otherwise it does not appear on the map.
There are third-party objects

On the map:
- 1 garage (open)
- 1 refueling
- 1 sawmills
- 3 point manual loading
- 3 slots

Credits: Витёк с Алтая


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