MAP "GARDEN" V03.03.16
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Mod MAP "GARDEN" for Spintires V03.03.16

Map size 512x512. Pretty compact. We used third-party objects from the object pack authored by "aleks nevz", as well as John Deere Gator quadrics authored by Silent. The roads are mostly unpaved, with virtually no dirt. You can drive on at least something. For the construction of some objects had to use the components from the "Pack of objects."

On the map:

- 2 garages (1 closed);
- 1 gas station;
- 1 lumbering;
- 3 sawmills;
- 1 vehicle on the map;
- 7 slots for custom cars.
Suitable for four-wheel drive cars
There are third-party objects

Credits: Антон_Слв_102


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