Map "dynamic: the beginning" v03.03.16
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in each city or village there are some interesting (maybe even mysterious) places in the district that have their local name and are connected inextricably with your memory. hence the name of the map, a kind of collective image of the area with a large share of imagination. also in plans to make a series of cards with a common name. initially, this card should not have been, since i worked on it some moments for another card, but unexpectedly she wanted to "draw" herself. what's more, i thought that it would be best to do it under the incomplete drive with light mud, places passing in the middle.
a card can be rolled on anything - even on a bald spot, but i would recommend a "tarantay" such as gas-53 from pokemone (under which the card is made) and other pokemone or other small trucks.
a card can be passed in two or more variants (in a default, using fashion or combine). garage is initially closed (hello polygraph polygraph :), you can open with a zil-130 with two points of the garage and two spectacled garage carts or using mtz-82 from pokemone and two garage trailers 2 pts-4.
a small plot for a meaningful ride (since i'm fed up with carrying the forest from the forest through the forest to the forest). in some kind of tmutarakan in an incomprehensible year you were lucky enough to become a participant in the plundering of the old enterprise, you need to take out everything that the others (logs, stones, planks, pipes - everything that is loaded into the machine) have not been transported by 2 working sawmills, one abandoned and another semi-working plant.

so, on the map: 1 closed garage, 1 refueling, 1 loading point, 1 logging, 4 sawmills, points of intelligence - yes who counts them.
from the transport: 4 slots of the replaced cars, zil-130 (1 point of the garage + garage cart), garage trailer, oas-469 (spar, pore)
registered fashion from the workshop: mtz-82, two garage trailers 2 pts-4 (mod: pokemone)
eo-3323 (author mod: glushak) - useful in simulator mode, is repaired using mtz and garage trailer.
size: 1024 by 1024 meters.

attention! on the map may be present in a light form elements of despondency, estrangement and other impairment (however, to whom as).
all pleasant game!
suitable for non-wheel drive vehicles

Credits: Odor_Mortis


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