MAP "DEBRY" V03.03.16
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Mod MAP "DEBRY" for Spintires V03.03.16

Maximum size card. Not complicated. The roads are almost flat, you can drive. Mostly dirt. Places in these same places head over heels. At default, everything went by itself (about a hundred). True, I tried it on mods and it seemed that there was little dirt. A bit added, but passable. Yes, and a little bit of it. In my opinion.

The map is still the first, so not a lot of black spots came up.

History. There are builders of the bridge on the map and ... let there be oil workers who pull the oil pipeline. You need to deliver equipment to the oil industry workers (of course the garage parts) and pipes (in the game, of course, logs). First you need to find a truck with equipment. Drove at night drove him to the line and stuck. And he burned the solarium while trying to leave and broke the engine. So it must be repaired and refueled. It is also necessary to deliver piles to the builders (again, logs), at the end of the sawmill it is precisely the logs and bring it.

On the map there are almost all the default cars, except for: shishigi (I do not like it).

Auto at the start of one, with a strap. You can change. Refueling is one and it’s not very convenient, so keep in mind. Have a nice ride. Good luck.

On the map
- 2 garages (closed)
- 1 refueling
- 1 lumbering
- 1 loading point
- 7 sawmills
- 1 car at the start + 5 extra. slots for your cars

Credits: zloyp9Ita4ok


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