Map "Country Trip" version 1.0 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Map "Country Trip" version 1.0 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

A map of the maximum size with a limited fleet. That is, you can not replace the designated car on your pet))

On a map:

- One garage (closed);
 One gas station;
- One lumberjack.;
- One point of manual loading;
- Six sawmills.;
 Ten points of intelligence;
- One car at the start (garage parts);
- Several cars on the map.

Cars at the start of a single game can not be changed, otherwise the garage will not open, the company can try)))

The essence of the story is that!))
Having inherited a "Posh House" (as it is said in the will) outside of the aunt, the existence of which you did not know)!
Taking a friend's pickup you arrived at the place of such an unexpected "happiness". On the spot it turned out that not everything is so fabulous. 
House in the vicinity of the once famous collective farm - "30 Years Without Harvest."
The collective farm itself has long been in decline, the residents partially left, the houses collapsed.
Your "Happiness" is not at its best either. 
Well? In the garage of her aunt was quite decent convertible, suitable for the area.
Get in the car (do not kill the same car friend) and start to raise your farm!))
Chat with neighbors from neproshenyh homes will help. Neighbors, after all. Can technique appropriate to share,
the one that still breathes a little))
Not for "thank you," of course. And they have firewood to haul))
So...Good luck!!!))

Credits: Одинокий Странник


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