Map «25 km» v03.03.16
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the map is small, only 512 by 512 meters. but it is extremely detailed! every bush, every pebble, every stick), in general, how he could, and tried to improve. the map is not corridor, on the map it will be necessary to complete 2 bridges, near the first one put 9 logs, the second bridge will need to be recruited from the logging site. he also put one small village on a map, the ocheyon detailed it. a card like it turned out beautiful) screenshots can not convey. ah yes, and i almost forgot .. on the map i arranged such machines as: groove-3205, groove-4334, kamaz-65115, kamaz-65111.

on the map:
2 garages (1 outdoor)
1 azs
1 sawmill + 2 goats for manual loading
3 sawmills
8 points of exploration
8 cars + 4 slots for their own.
have a good game!
suitable for non-wheel drive vehicles
there are third-party objects

Credits: arshinskiy03


Dowload133.6 MB

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