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on the map:
2 garages (one is open)
2 refills
1 felling
3 points of manual loading + you can find logs
4 sa...

Spin Tires Maps
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added the hashes to the archive. use your health!

in fashion three cars!
a lot of addons and wheels, a variety of lo...

Spin Tires Trucks
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based on the yaaz-214:
changed the texture of the model, interior. devices are made more dim. the glass is cleaned.
view from...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added the hashes to the archive.

it has:
-6 of their own + standard
-2 kinds of wheels
-3 trucks with different...

Spin Tires Trucks
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the map is easy, but in places you need to sweat on the rear drive !!
p.s. map for those who are tired of kneading mud and j...

Spin Tires Maps
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april weather presents surprises, it would seem spring, but no. at night, freezing, water freezes in places, in the daytime wet snow fall...

Spin Tires Maps
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for the basis was taken oas-33036 from den huan:
made to your taste - made a suspension (wrote that the hard), added wheels, a coup...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added 1 addon.
the lighting is fixed, the cab is fixed and now it does not hang out, it is also fixed and now it does not look down...

Spin Tires Trucks
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bay ant - a bay in ussuriisky bay of the japanese sea, located between capes of the turtle and steep.
until 1974 was called maytun....

Spin Tires Maps
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today i want to present you a story map where you have to transport not logs to sawmills, but workers (after all, someone has to procure ...

Spin Tires Maps
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