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yenisei is the border between western and eastern siberia. the left bank of the yenisei ends the great west siberian plains, and the righ...

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in each city or village there are some interesting (maybe even mysterious) places in the district that have their local name and are conn...

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the map is small, only 512 by 512 meters. but it is extremely detailed! every bush, every pebble, every stick), in general, how he...

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on the map:
2 garages (one is closed and is not suitable for car recovery, you can only use your own power (rather a local one hund...

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removed excess wheels, put the wheels on the height of the tractor, added weight, adjusted the center
2 addon added patency has imp...

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we were sent to the territory that was flooded with water, and we need to fill the sawmills!

on the map:
1 garage (closed)<...

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made an envelope of zil-130 from spintires 03.03.16 from hadson_152 and slightly changed it.
in a pack of 4 cars with a 4x4 ...

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from a secret report ...
"an accident occurred in the town of novorodotsk at an enterprise producing weapons-grade plutonium w...

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at the heart of the vase-2329 lada 4x4 pickup from nicklegosta
changes: other textures, the glass is cleaned (not completely). the ...

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first of all, i congratulate you on your knowledge day! today finished work on the 20 card for the backrest and decided to call it 20 ann...

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