UMV 406 V1.2.0 UPDATE
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- 2 types of engine;
- 2 types of gearbox;
- 1 own type of suspension;
- 9 pairs of interchangeable wheels;
- 2 own types of winches;
- 5 own spares;
- 1 own type of snorkel;
- 7 own addons;
- your wheels, bumpers and attachments;
- your textures.

Registered standard trailers.

Thanks to f441 for the base model.
Thanks to Poghrim for the wheels and various addon models.

Version 1.2.0 for SnowRunner (v17.3):

Added their addons from Poghrim.
Added custom sounds.
Added your own stickers.
Correction of water in the cabin.
Fixed PT25 spare tire mesh
Improved truck handling.
Adjusted the parameters of the suspension and gearbox.

Credits: olesen


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