Mega Cab Runner V1.0.1 UPDATE
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Truck model and tires from CGTrade. The engine is taken from Sketchup. Some of the various items such as hand tools are from Sketchup and CGTrader.

It has:
- 6 of its types of engine;
- 6 of its types of gearboxes;
- 4 types of suspension;
- 30 pairs of interchangeable wheels;
- 2 own types of winches;
- your wheels, bumpers and attachments;
- your textures.

Registered standard trailers.

Additional semi-trailers:

Version 1.0.1 for SnowRunner (v17.3):

Fixed issue with intermittent suspension without damage.
Added option without rear rudder.
Added low profile BajaRunner suspension.

Credits: JohnJohnHotRod


Download128.0 MB

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