Small Crawl
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Mod Small Crawl for SnowRunner

A map with a fair bit of crawling and trailing, I put some roads in but don't be afraid to explore some climbs and swamps.

The mud tool is not working properly so the mud isn't how i would like it but it works for now.

You need to be on the pubic test server to use this. From my testing by using this method you should be able to use this map with the mod tools. let me know if it works for you. this allows you to use mod vehicles

This should work....

open the file with winrar
right click on the level_smalltest.pak file and click "extract to a specified folder"
Make your way through the file tree. Documents/my games/SnowRunnerBeta/Base/Mods (leave it outside the modio folder)
It should be available to play the same way in game, in the custom scenarios tab, just that you have the mod tool
just to clarify... when you open the "mods" folder there will be a folder inside labelled "modio" don't put the :"level_smalltest.pak" file in the "modio" folder. Leave it in the "Mods" folder with the "Modio" folder

Credits: Remoh667


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