Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak "K70 SuperTruck" M181
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MOD Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak "K70 SuperTruck" M181 FOR SNOWRUNNER

The revised stock C70 includes:

- Navistar engines
- corrected the mass of the car and dynamics
- Added CrawlerBox HD gearbox
- Custom pendants in Soft & HD
- Added wheel options *
- Winches replaced with Heavy Suite with HD stand alone winch
- New opportunities for snorkeling
- Standard AWD *
- Lots of new frame additions
- Lots of new settings

Known issues are now marked with *. The C70 has a very narrow rear axle, so some of the rear tires are not attached to the hubs. I could correct this, but I think it looks silly with a very narrow rear track. Then, the truck has a standard AWD, but it appears with 2WD visuals. I made a $ 1 4WD axle in the store so it's easy to fix.

This truck is weird, wild and just broken. But, as a Leatherworker, chances are you will need to get work done.

I recommend purchasing the FOXCRF450RIDER offroad trailer mod to complement the increased ride height. The stock has been slightly increased and significantly increased. (Trademark is M181 at this time. The recovery rear "emergency" saddle has been optimized for use with the off-road M747.)

Credits: maxmike181


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