ZIL 167 (V14.08.19)
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Mod ZIL 167 for Spintires: MudRunner (V14.08.19)

ZIL-E167 - an experienced Soviet all-terrain vehicle, developed in 1963m. Converted from the latest Spintires add-ons. Cannot carry cargo, but can use standard trailers. Missing steering animation. The view from the cab with a hidden dashboard. Added a trailer for 4 points and the ability to call from anywhere, otherwise everything is as in the original.

Author of the original mod: Oovee

Envelope in Spintires MudRunner: ViciousCeph

Mod supports multiplayer!

In the mod there is:

- 2 cars on different wheels
- 6 of their add-ons, 6 default trailers
- there is a driver
- animation of the suspension, fuel, (no steering animation)
- dashboard is disabled
- your cargo
- 2 points are loaded at a logging site (medium logs), a garage can also be opened with 2 points, there should be no repair parts on the roof when loading otherwise do not submerge!
- done loading in the arcade and the simulator, loading from the goat is present

Thank you very much for the release of the ECLIPSE revision.

Mod completion author: driver-51rus

Credits: driver-51rus


Dowload45.6 MB

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