VOLVO FMX 2014 - PACK2019
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Mod VOLVO FMX 2014 - PACK2019  for SpinTires: MudRunner

Volvo PAK. In the PAK there are two trucks 6x6 (blue, red), three 8x8 dump trucks (yellow, gray, green), two long-frame 10x8 (yellow, cherry).

Some already familiar to all semi-trailers. Addons and trailers from other mods. Two kinds of wheels.

The basis of the mod - Volvo dump truck head pack

Authors - Flax, Master Shadow (add-ons, trailers, loads, wheels), Tosha_70rus (refinement at a certain stage, addition of add-ons from other mods).

returned home loads from Spintires; steering rotation returned (but peregazka); cab colors added. Reworked some textures. Characteristics are given to one parameter in all machines. On a blue tractor, your sounds are from Tosha_70rus.

Added add-ons in the form of bulk cargo, with garage parts written in them. Bring asphalt to the garage, and the head of the garage will open your doors.

From Tosha_70rus was the addon hitch. Now it is registered to all trucks on a permanent basis. As a result, everyone clings to trailers.

The archive only addons and trailers Volvo. There are also registrations from other mods. Some semi-trailers that are not in the archive, can cling without couplings. There are three types of couplings in the mod, defolt, from Volvo and defolt from MWTP. Pick which one is suitable for height.

Improvements are planned. But perhaps they will come out in the form of fixes (the fix will be superimposed over this mod with the replacement of files). Since the PACK is heavy and every time it is difficult to perezalivat with my Internet.

We kindly request a surveyor. First, please test and understand what is from where and from where. Do not give your ignorance for the mistakes of the author. Criticism is welcome.

Credits: Nicklegosta



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