MZKT-741351 VOLAT VERSION 2.1 (V07.08.19)
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version 2.1
- Added addons: a pipe carrier, a semi-trailer tank from Pak MZKT, repainted to match the truck, adjusted the camera, lighting, fuel animation outlines;
- Added addon crane from NAMI 0127A, repainted to match the truck, adjusted lighting;
- Discs of the truck, trawl Semitrailer MZKT and trawl Trailer Ramp are now dirty;
- The wheels of the Semitrailer CHMZAP trawl and the Semitrailer Garage semi-trailer are now getting dirty normally (they almost never got dirty before);
- Fixed display of textures of the walls of the wings (before that they were visible only from the outside and disappeared when viewed from the inside);
- Reduced light on the dashboard cover

The envelope and modification of the mod from SpinTires, has 7 of its own and 8 default add-ons, can carry 3, 6, 8 points of cargo.
Changes from the original:

- Repainted truck, wheels and tires, reduced body shine;
- Tires get dirty now;

- Increased eversion of wheels;
- Reconfigured the suspension;
- Increased weight and wheel grip;
- Increased weight of balancers;
- Increased tank volume;
- Increased steering speed;
- Increased engine power;
- Added brake response delay;
- Changed gearbox;
- Increased durability points;
- The level of flooding is increased;
- Reduced frame twisting;
- Reworked lighting;
- Added instrument lighting, high beam indication, brake light, reverse;
- Removed some default addons;

- Replaced the default engine sound with the sound from the Pak MZKT mod;

- Added and repainted winch addon from the Oshkosh M1070 HET mod;
- Added and repainted addon coupling from the mod Kamaz "Artika";
- Added, repainted and rebalanced trawl and cargo from the Pak MZKT mod;
- Added, repainted and rebalanced trawl and trawl with a garage from the Pak MZKT mod, added and repainted cargo for the trawl from the Ural "Alligator" mod;
- Added, repainted and rebalanced trawl from MAZ 7414, 7919, 79191 mod, replaced and repainted wheels from MAZ-500 Dump truck mod, added and repainted cargo for trawl from Kamaz 65225 mod;


Credits: kvarc999


Download188.9 MB

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