kraz-260 / 260v version 2
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the cargo on the long dissolution on the 260-kraj has been changed.
added fuel trailer with dlc ridge.
now both trucks have four-wheel drive connectable
(earlier it was permanently blocked).

in the archive there are 2 trucks: the kraz-260 and the tractor truck of the crash-260v.
kraz-260 - 13 of their add-ons + 5 standard ones.
kraz-260v tractor - 7 of their addons + 3 standard.

both trucks have:
- various animations
- their cargoes
- their tracks
- good cross-country.

in order to avoid unnecessary questions - the car has a permanent four-wheel drive.

special thanks for help in setting up and testing - chekhrak.
gratitude: authors of models ац-10, ви-3 - max panov, redpaw [26rus];
tmm-3 - maxim pioneer;
psix19rus - for an idea with a bridge, a residence permit and a given model.

Credits: msergt


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