KAMAZ 65225 and 65228 version 1.3 (v10.06.19)
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Mod KAMAZ 65225 and 65228 version 1.3 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19)

I apologize, but changed the settings.
1. Changed the weight of the machines.
2. The body of the dump truck was jammed, when opening the side
3. Locking trailers.
4. But the legs of the semi-trailers were weak.

I hope I did everything to the end, but can I add any more updates. Here is the Kamaz 65225 and 65228, two chassis from which you can make several Kamaz trucks in the game itself. But this mod is not the same as the lego I had. It’s all easier to think for a long time, it’s not necessary to put ready-made KAMAZ models, but to install them, try to keep the car out of the blue. Gearboxes work with the joint venture mod. If you put a 16 mortar, and then decided to put an 8 mortar, you must definitely put a five mortar, but a five mortar may not immediately rise, you need to put it several times and remove it as a five appears on the plate on the bottom right then you can install the 8 mortar.

Credits: Konturena Aleksey


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