KamAZ-5350 "Camouflage" M. 07.02.19
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KamAZ-5350 "Camouflage" M. 07.02.19 - cargo SUV equipped with permanent all-wheel drive and inter-wheel lock. It was developed by order of military structures. The main purpose of transport-transportation of soldiers, military cargo, trailers and semi-trailers on the roads of various types and off-road. Has 17 their of add-ons + 1 standard. Authors 3D models: OOVEE, Red Paw, Psix19rus, Pokemone, Msergt. The author wheels: Kama 1260, IYAV-12 a-Pokemon. Work in 3d max, animation: Psix19rus the author of the 3D model of the platform and bridge ТММ3: Maxim pioneer, Working with bridge and platform 3d max, animation: Msergt For help in creating the bridge TMM thanks: Yuri Sakhalin, Ilya Ilya. For assistance in creating machines thanks: Pokemon, Msergt. Change in version:- Added 2 Addons-repainted cabin and booth "watch" Some minor technical changes to the truck and Addons.

Credits: DimonFS



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