GAZ 66 DEFAULT + (V22.03.19)
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Mod GAZ 66 DEFAULT + for Spintires: MudRunner (V22.03.19)

A small assembly based on the default Gas 66. Complete with it is Gas 66 Shaman, and Gas 66 Armata.
The default engine sounds are changed, the box is slightly changed, the suspension is raised, add-ons are added and configured.
Gas 66 Shaman from Bezon.
Gas 66 Armata I do not remember whose.
Passability is slightly higher than the default, mp works.
All add-ons are Russified.

I checked that no matter what was placed in each other, but maybe I missed something, if you find something, write in PM or correct comments.
Addons are present Own sounds
Four-wheel drive

Credits: Hard__Russian__Bear


Dowload105.3 MB

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