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Mod ASSEMBLY OF IMPORTANT MODIFICATIONS for Spintires: MudRunner (V18/05/21)


For your own convenience, I created an assembly so that I could put my favorite modifications in one download.
Build includes:
1. The actual appearance of the standard transport (Build in pack: Khan)
- Gas-66
- Zyl-131
- Kamaz-4310
- Kamaz-65111
- Kirovets K-700
- Kraz-255
- Kraz-260
- UAZ-469
- UAZ-3151
- Ural-4320_31
- Ural-4320 (Added Khaki texture, which was not in the previous pack)
Authors: Den Huan, Toxa43Rus (Gas-66), Anton_23_ (Oise).

(Author: Klik)
As in the above machines, the grille is simply changed to normal. All addons are standard.
- Zyl-130
(All improvements and new details - MaximDm67; Sounds - SimKA)
I adapted this particular Zil-130, because it has the necessary add-ons (Airborne platform and Rem. parts), without the need to put a subframe. I registered them instead of the standard ones in order to have the opportunity to calmly get training and plot tasks. Original logs are registered. The only drawback - all semi-trailers and coupling were removed, in my opinion - they are not particularly needed for the passage of standard missions.
- Luaz-969
(The author of the models, textures, envelopes - MaximDm67.; The author of the sound is SimKA)
I liked the refinement of the suspension and better textures. Also adapted it instead of the standard one, removed duplicate add-ons. As a result, there are all default + awning.
- Replaced the garage car on the original awning with garage parts from the last part (Trailer «Military-Style», Pavel Zagrebelny)

Technique for which the grilles have not been changed to the original ones:

2. Replaced textures:
- Cable winch (Steel Steel Texture, Author: Stellyan)
- Nalipaniya mud (Author: Alex159)

3. Replaced sounds:
- Zil-131 (-25%; Author: DIMA10)
- Ural-375 (Kartez (Mikhail Arkhipov))
- UAZ-469 (Victoros1996)

Normally spelled the name of transport and add-ons. Everything is decorated according to the standard of the game, no extra names.

I hope that all authors are listed. Ready for any adequate criticism. If necessary, I can divide some mods into separate archives, since all collected for my taste. Naturally, everything was checked by me, the mission was TRAINED. With pleasure I want to go through the whole game, installing only this assembly.
Enjoy your game!


Credits: Victoros1996


Dowload108.3 MB

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