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Mod MAP “ZONE OF DEVELOPMENT 2” for Spintires: MudRunner (V14.08.19)

I invite you to ride on my new map.
This map is a continuation of my old map “The Ruin of Devastation”, the same, and maybe more, neglected and abandoned area where the remaining people survive as they can, your task is to remove the remaining forest from the wood processing plant and deliver it to where there are still signs of life, but first we need to prepare the cars, for this we are looking for a car with garage parts, which is broken and without fuel, for this at the start
there is a car with a belt that is also needed to repair a fuel truck, you can of course change the belt but it will be much more difficult to open the garage, good luck, and most importantly do not rush, as they say “drive more slowly, you will continue”

on the map:
10 cars (3 at the start)
12 intelligence points
6 sawmills
1 lumbering + 2 loading points
2 gas stations
1 garage (closed)
size 1024 × 1024
season autumn

Credits: Mihail130ZiL


Dowload240.9 MB

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