MAP “WHITE CANYON” (V10.06.19)
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Mod MAP “WHITE CANYON” for Spintires: MudRunner (V10.06.19)

On the map:
- 1 garage (closed)
- 1 gas station (open)
- 5 sawmills
- 3 loading points
- At the intelligence points - a lot (the whole map is closed).

At the start:
- 3 trucks of your choice + auxiliary during the game
- 2 Oise (open garage)
- 1 K-700 (like a tractor you never know)
- 1 Zil 131
- Ural (fuel truck)
- Maz (as autonomous)
- Maz (loader)

I made a card for hard, on default it will be simple on mods (see for yourself what to play).

Roads are difficult in places. There is a chance to roll over with cargo, we are looking for driveways, since roads are not always marked. The gas station 1 and the fuel will have to be dragged.

The card went by itself at the default Craz with 6 points to each sawmill and the default Urals 4 points to each sawmill.

The garage opens with Oise. Look for trailers with mountains.

There are third-party objects

Credits: _witek69_


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