MAP "WATERFALL" (V10.06.19)
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Mod MAP "WATERFALL" for Spintires: MudRunner (V10.06.19)

The map turned out to be complicated, you can ride on default, but in some places you will have to use a winch.
(For those who understand: Dirt at 70, and automatic at 60 everywhere, only in two places is dirt 75).

On the map there are: swamps, rivers, waterfalls, a little mountainous terrain, and plains.
I hope that you will like the map, and you will be pleased to ride on it.
Good luck to everyone. Thanks to those who tested the card!

On the map:

- 2 garages (closed);
- 1 gas station;
- 6 sawmills;
- 2 loading points;
- 1 automatic loading;
- 6 cars at the start;
- 8 intelligence points.

The maximum card size. (1024x1024)
There are third-party objects

Credits: Саша Нанаев


Dowload157.5 MB

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