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Mod MAP “TIBETAN RIDGE” for Spintires: MudRunner (V10.06.19)

Somewhere in Tibet on a tourist vacation, your superiors met with local farmers and promised to help them deliver firewood (forests) for nightmares, for heating and building new cattle pens, in return the local elders promise you unforgettable adventures!

Everything is already prepared for you, the plot is waiting. But upon arrival it turned out that he was still on vacation in the mountains. Your task is to collect all of their camps and head to the garage for further transportation of firewood (forest) to kosharas!

Koshara - a room for livestock. In the common sense, it is a place in the steppe or mountains where there are rooms for keeping animals, the dwelling of shepherds (shepherds), nearby pastures, open pens, sheds and other structures.

Use the latest SpintiresMod
Map Size: 100 × 100 (1.6km x 1.6km)
Map height: 256 (not standard heights)
Season: Autumn
On the map:
4 Cars at the start
2 Closed Garages
1 Fuel station
21 Intelligence Point
6 Koshar (Sawmills)
3 Subject cars (1 hour each)
3 story trailers (1 hour and 2 hours and 4 hours of garage) - the more points of the garage, the more difficult the situation!
8 Auxiliary trailers (repair \ fuel)

Technique for card: Default + and more powerful! (Preferably with increased friction!) On the default map, increased friction of wheels with soil is registered!

Tip: It’s best to first open all the reconnaissance points and explore the roads, then open a garage by the lake, and then open a second garage and start loading the forest! Remember to climb the forest is not everywhere! It is better to play 4 and ride together or two in a team work, so to speak. The card is imprisoned for the on-board platform and autonomy, you can also dissolve the trailer, subject to support.

Credits: EGER


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