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Mod MAP “PODOMO - OLD CARGO PORT” for Spintires: MudRunner (V14.08.19)

Guys, how did you rest? Ready for a new trip ?! There are many contracts, as many as 9 applications were given to the Forest! Today we have to roll into the "Podomo" - there is an old port, they asked to remove the whole old forest from it ... How about the roads? Yes, in principle, everything is less or less, of course there are a couple of places that are difficult to pass, but on the whole it’s about business. They say even on the KRAZ highway the "long-length" ride .. The only difficult thing is the ugly ... He's pretty cool, but on the whole you are not new! I think it’s not difficult for you! Oh yes! I completely forgot, for the first track - I advise you to take one tugboat - (KamAZ or Ural). All right, stop sharpening your hair - By Cars!

P.S. - 32x32 Dry river ... Factories, Buildings, Port, Sandy shores, Fresh forests, fords, old bridge ... And much more! The card was run in the Urals and Craz Shosseyn, no bugs and errors were found.

1 Closed garage (Find KamAZ on the map).
1 Loading point (Kiosk + automatic).
3 Start slots + 7 Other cars on the map (including Kirovets).
2 Refueling (In different places on the map).
9 Sawmills (Scattered all over the map).

There are third-party objects

Credits: Весёлый Одиночка


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