Map “L.P.Kh” (v10.06.19)
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Mod Map “L.P.Kh” for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19)

Today you have to export the forest from the loading point, in order to bring it to the sawmills, you need to use the forest transshipment point. A ramp is provided at the overload point.

A simple, interesting map, with different terrain.

On the map:
- 1 garage
- 2 refueling
- 8 sawmills
- 2 loading points
- 9 intelligence points
- 7 cars at the start of the replacement
- 4 auxiliary cars on the map
- 1 overload ramp
Card size 32x32,1024x1024

Version 10.11.19 Update:

Fixed archive uploaded files correctly

Credits: Misha21UA


Dowload105.5 MB

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