Map "heavy professions 2" (v18/05/21)
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on the map:
- 2 garages (closed)
- 2 refills
- 1 felling
- 4 loading points
- 8 saws (unloading)
- 21 points of exploration
- 4 cars at the start (replaceable)
size: 1600 by 1600 meters, so the presence of spintiresmod.exe is mandatory.

assistance with trailers and cargoes: casper, prapor, shashok75.
help with textures: vitus
skidding zone: blood rage
objects: casper. dmitry of garlic. and i thank the rest of the authors for a package of objects.
machines: chassis ural-5453-4320-50m. authors: darius, muzden (rus). completion (for adequate operation of the crane): shashok75
crane "chelyabinets." author: max dmitryev (maximdm67). envelope: shashok75. setting up chekhrak.
lkt-81 from sergei denisov (muzden (rus)). the trailer for coal пасичник. trailer with stones yansors.
there are third-party objects

Credits: Oksik


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